About us

One of my first wood working projects ever was making Chess Boards for my children. When I decided to try making a living woodworking I looked for a product that could be easily shipped and sold online so Chess Boards seemed an obvious choice. Still, in my mind I searched for another idea that was a bit less labor intensive and more affordable. One day while describing my Chess Board making process to a friend I said, "I start with strips of wood, kind of like a Cutting Board." The light bulb in my head blinked on and I started selling cutting boards.

I sold them on eBay and at Sweet Hill Wood. At some point I decided it was odd to have a website with Chess Boards and Cutting Boards, vastly different products for vastly different customers. The solution - Upstate NY Cutting Boards.

Cutting Boards can be a relatively simple product or they can get immensely complex. My cutting boards generally come down on the simpler side, what I think of as my signature quality, simple, done extremely well with attention to detail. I hope you find our Cutting Boards as enjoyable to use as I do making them.

Thank You

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